"You know that you guys are such an inspiration to me! I've been witnessing your guys' steps ever since the day we met in Victoria a while back..and I am humbled in awe! I truly am! So thank you for showing up in this world, walking the talk, and leading by example."

- Paula H.


"Thanks again, since I discovered the gratidudes several months ago, I was able to get off my depression and start a new way of joy and hope in my life!"

- Dorita


"Since working with Matthew as a coach my life has dramatically shifted with amazing results. Through Matthew's positive encouragement and intuitive guidance I have embraced the true essence of my spirit and its Divine purpose. My confidence has soared allowing me to actively pursue my true passions. With the tools shared in our coaching sessions I am now able to identify my barriers and have the ability to work through them in the moment and create a new frame of reference. Matthew's positive outlook and energy are contagious and have contributed immensely to my own personal growth."

-  V. Pharoah, writer and actress


Every so often I run into someone whose work just makes my heart sing. It makes me want to do everything possible to make sure the whole world is aware of the work he or she does. This time it was not just one person, but two: Brad Morris and Matthew Ashdown. They call themselves the GratiDudes and encourage young people to change their thinking and "manifest awesomeness…" and it is crucial to get their message to very young people. Thank you, Brad and Matthew—you are truly GratiDudes!

- Louise L. Hay

Brad and Matt have enhanced my life in many ways. They have inspired me in countless ways to live
vibrantly and truthfully,  and have given me great advice which has assisted me in seeing things clearly,
gaining insight into my higher purpose and tapping into my true power... They are Miraculous Manifestors
who are tapped into their highest power. I feel honoured to know them and that they are so open to sharing
their advice and experiences with others. Their fire is just being lit and I am excited to see their full

- Brooke

"I had the opportunity to be part of an actual GratiDude experience. I
spoke with Matthew regarding Law of Attraction and how to find out
what it was I was trying to accomplish. He helped me talk and figure
out my fear of why I was hesitating to just do it. Through his help
developed an exercise for myself to determine the fear holding me
back. I came up with perfect clarity to the situation.

Thank You for your support and helping me see that I am capable. I
want to recommend everyone to connect with the Gratidudes."

- A. Plaxton, 20


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