the Real GratiDudes


born: April 25th 1984 brad_profile_picture

Height: 5' 11 ½"
( is taking yoga to reach his 6 foot goal....)

Weight: 180 lbs

Birth Name: Bradley Thomas Morris

Superpowers: Laughter and Gratitude

Observed behaviours: hippy at heart, is trying to bring the word "Cowabunga" back, happy for no reason, enthusiastic, meditates in random places, enjoys reading the odd time to expand his vocabulary, laughs at his own jokes, has caused two major search and rescue operations due to his adventurous nature, stops and smells the roses ( every rose), exudes joy, makes people laugh, compassionate, makes a stand for what he believes in, advocate for Peace.

Secret Identity: entrepreneur disguised as a long haired hippy, facilitates meditations and personal transformation, founder of Cowabunga Lifestyles - A spiritual adventure and coaching company. Co-Founder of The GratiDudes.  Aspiring Conscious Comedy Film-Maker. Takes his work seriously but is able to laugh at himself ALOT.


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Birth name: Matthew Mark Ashdown
born: May 8th 1978 matthew

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 225 lbs
Superpowers: Kindness and Gratitude

Observed behaviours: Pretends to be a Canadian, Scientifically minded, Studied Aerospace Engineering (capable of creating rockets), Spends ALOT of time reading about quantum physics and conscious material, tea drinking confirms that he is a Brit really, kind-hearted and patient, committed to personal growth and change, compassionate, makes a stand for what he believes in

Secret Identity: Personal Trainer who encourages people to embrace the energetic connection between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Founder of the Quantum Heros Fitness Community, leads people through personal transformation, takes his work seriously but is able to laugh at himself.



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