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GratiDude Clothing Line


Winter is coming! Now is the time to stay warm and grateful. We have a whole line of clothing. We think that you would love to have one of our Gratitude Dance Sweatshirts for the months ahead.

$ 54.99

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Gratitude Dance Downloadable Video

You’ve heard about the gratitude dance, everybody’s doing it! At times when your present situation seems bad, or fantastic we choose to focus on what we are truly grateful for and watch the world around us change! $7.00 BUY NOW


teachers-square-banner1 This is the movie that we are recommending EVERYBODY to watch. It is the key to authentic joy and the expansion of the soul. Embrace your shadow and watch miracles unfold in your life.


You Can Heal Your Life Movie

You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie, hosted by Louise Hay.
Louise Hay is a blessing to millions and through her work has lifted many people to higher states of awareness and well-being. The Grati-dudes are personally very grateful from the support they have received from Louise. Click here to see the trailer >>
$23.96 BUY NOW


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