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"Every so often I run into someone whose work just makes my heart sing. It makes me want to do everything possible to make sure the whole world is aware of the work he or she does. This time it was not just one person, but two: Brad Morris and Matthew Ashdown. They call themselves the GratiDudes and encourage young people to change their thinking and "manifest awesomeness…" and it is crucial to get their message to very young people. Thank you, Brad and Matthew—you are truly GratiDudes!" - Louise L. Hay

It all truly began for the GratiDudes with their now famous Youtube video, “The Gratitude Dance.”  The Gratitude Dance lead the Dudes to become speakers all across North America, catering their positive message to youth and the young at heart.  The GratiDudes NOW are pursuing their childhood dreams (like everyone should) of becoming film-makers, as they create their first webisode series, "The Adventures of the GratiDudes," while pursuing their own individual projects and passions. "WE (the GratiDudes) are committed to delivering a positive, humorous , conscious message in all of our work; no matter how silly it may be!"


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“The Gratitude Dance”  (launched Aug/22/2007)


“The Adventures of the GratiDudes” webisode One  (launched August/22/2009)


“The Adventures of the GratiDudes” webisode Two  (launched Sept/15/2009)

“The Adventures of the GratiDudes” webisode Three  (launched Oct/22/2009)


"Adventures of the GratiDudes" webisode Four  (launched Feb/4/2010)



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